Who is it for?

Anyone who is wanting to work with a personal trainer will need to have an initial consultation. During this time, we discuss your general health, fill in a questionnaire, assess your fitness levels, take body measurements and set short and long term goals.

What will you learn?

You will understand who your personal trainer is and what style they have when training you. If, after the consultation, you would like to proceed, your trainer will then work out ongoing session times and your program. Having confidence that your trainer will tailor make a program just for you will not only motivate you to achieve your goals, but will encourage you to try your best to become fitter and healthier knowing that the trainer can guide you through the process.


You'll walk away from the session inspired, motivated and confident that you have found the right personal trainer to help you achieve success.


$90 per one hour session. $60 per person for 2 people.

Training availability and bookings

Training is conducted one-to-one basis, buddy or small group basis in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. We also have female trainers available at other Sydney locations so please ask about these venues.

Appointments are available Mondays to Saturdays.
Please call 0438 515 326 for further enquiries or to make a booking.