Who is it for?

For those who want to strengthen and tone all parts of the body. Gives you strength and muscle tone and lowers your risk of bone loss. When used in conjunction with an aerobic fitness plan, you will see these results all the more quickly as you will be burning more calories.

What will you learn?

You learn how to use moderately heavy weights and how many repetitions are necessary to get the desired effect. The trainer corrects your form and tells you where you should be feeling the exercise. We do warm up and cool down exercises too.


Body toning and sculpting helps to strengthen your bones as you gain muscle. As women age, their bones can become weaker so these exercises are important components in a good exercise program.


$90 per one hour session. $60 per person for 2 people.

Training availability and bookings

Training is conducted one-to-one basis, buddy or small group basis in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. We also have female trainers available at other Sydney locations so please ask about these venues.
Appointments are available Mondays to Saturdays.
Please call 0438 515 326 for further enquiries or to make a booking.