Having been a personal trainer for women for many years, I am qualified in women's fitness and specialise in training techniques for older women. Together, we set realistic long and short term goals to cater for all exercising preferences and styles.

Some ladies prefer to change their body shape and tone up. Other women want to lose weight. No matter what your goal is, I personalise a program for you.

Many of my clients like to train with a partner or buddy and this in encouraged as women often are more motivated to exercise if training with a friend or family member. We celebrate everyone's success and it keeps everyone on track.

We work on strengthening all parts of the body and I encourage the use of weights and resistance training. Lifting weights and using strengthening exercises increases the strength of your muscles, maintains the integrity of your bones and improves your balance, coordination, and mobility.

I monitor your progression and explain how to increase your intensity as you improve each exercise.

We always enjoy our training sessions and every client says at the end of each session how much better they feel. Their mood is lifted, they feel energised and ready to face the rest of the week.