Many women have asked me how to stay motivated to exercise and eat healthily. Being a personal trainer for women, I know how difficult it can be to try and juggle work, family life, socialising and fit it some "me" time to relax, exercise and eat well. By the time you have finished a full day's work, it is hard to be self motivated to exercise unless you have a commitment and a routine.

As we get older, it is important to continue to build up our physical strength and stamina.  Older women need to continue to work on strength training, flexibility, balance and fitness.

My clients value that personalised one on one time when training with me. They see it as a valuable time to escape from their day to day chores and concentrate on their own health and happiness. All sessions are catered around your individual energy levels and needs. Sometimes you may be very energetic and want a really hard workout. Other times, your training may include more flexibility and stretching exercises. Each session is varied and personalised.

During the sessions, you not only get to enjoy the exercises and work towards improving your fitness level, we also share ideas on menus, eating plans, exercise routines and reducing stress. We constantly monitor your fitness goals, weight management and your attitude to fitness. All my clients find that exercise becomes a daily part of their lives, for as they become fitter, they want to do more exercise. Their whole attitude to health changes and they find themselves influencing family and friends to improve their eating habits and fitness as well. These are part of our long term goals which clients find so rewarding.